Personalised Part Numbers

At Rapid you can personalise our order codes to match your own.


Your personalised codes will be displayed in your order confirmations and order history, and also on the product labels printed in our warehouse. View our short video guide below on how to create, edit and use personalised order codes on our website.



The benefits


Searching - your codes will be recognised in website searches

Ordering - use your codes when ordering at basket stage

On receipt of products - see your own part numbers on labels for booking goods in


How to set up personalised codes


To create your own codes for products you buy regularly, simply click on the 'Add personalised code' link next to the order code on product pages. This feature will only be available when you are logged in.


Personalise Part Numbers


Enter your code and save your changes.


Your personalised codes will be recognised immediately on the website. They will be shown on search results pages, displayed in order confirmations, order histories and product labels, therefore saving time for customers when checking deliveries.


Your Personalised Code


These codes can also be quoted when ordering over the phone.


What our customers say


"When we receive deliveries, rather than cross referencing Rapid part numbers against our own part numbers, we can clearly see from the delivery note which product is which. This more than halves the time it takes to check through deliveries and makes life a lot easier for the goods in department."


"Having our own part numbers also helps when ordering online as we can type in our own part number and it pops up with the product rather than having to cross ref the Rapid part number against our own – again this is saving us a lot of time."

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